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Commercial Cleaning Trends: How the Industry is Changing

Updated: Jun 2

Clean Office Hallway with Boardroom

Maintaining a clean and healthy work environment has always been a priority for businesses. However, in recent years, the commercial cleaning industry has experienced significant changes and trends that are revolutionizing the way cleaning services are provided. From advancements in technology to a heightened focus on sustainability, here are some of the notable trends shaping the commercial cleaning industry today. Embracing Green Cleaning: As sustainability takes center stage across various industries, the commercial cleaning sector has responded by adopting Eco-friendly practices. Green cleaning involves the use of environmentally friendly products, equipment, and methods that minimize the impact on the environment and prioritize the health and well-being of building occupants. From using non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning agents to utilizing energy-efficient equipment, businesses are increasingly opting for green cleaning solutions.

Integration of Technology: Technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives, and the commercial cleaning industry is no exception. From automated cleaning equipment to digitized scheduling and work order systems, technology is streamlining and improving cleaning processes. Robotic cleaners can efficiently cover large areas, while sensors and advanced analytics help optimize resource allocation and improve overall efficiency. Additionally, the integration of touch-less solutions such as automatic soap dispensers and sensor-activated faucets has become more prevalent in commercial spaces, promoting a cleaner and more hygienic environment. Focus on Health and Safety: The global pandemic has significantly impacted our perception of cleanliness and hygiene. As a result, the commercial cleaning industry has shifted its focus towards rigorous health and safety standards. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning service providers are implementing enhanced disinfection protocols, using hospital-grade disinfectants, and emphasizing high-touch point cleaning. Additionally, businesses are now prioritizing proper ventilation and air quality management to mitigate the spread of airborne pathogens. Customization and Personalization: Every commercial space has unique cleaning requirements, and the industry is adapting to provide tailored solutions. Service providers are incorporating customer preferences and specific needs into their cleaning programs. Whether it's adjusting cleaning schedules, utilizing specific cleaning techniques, or customizing the use of cleaning products, businesses now have more options for creating personalized cleaning plans. Training and Certification Programs: With the increasing demand for quality cleaning services, professional training and certification programs have gained prominence. Businesses are partnering with cleaning service providers that invest in continuous training for their staff, ensuring they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional cleaning results. Certifications such as ISSA's CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) and GBAC's (Global Biorisk Advisory Council) GBAC STAR accreditation are becoming industry benchmarks, highlighting a commitment to excellence in cleaning practices. Conclusion: The commercial cleaning industry is experiencing a transformation driven by technology, sustainability, and a greater emphasis on health and safety. As businesses recognize the value of a clean and well-maintained workplace, they are embracing these trends to create healthier environments for both employees and customers. By staying updated with the latest cleaning trends, businesses can make informed decisions about the cleaning services they choose, ultimately contributing to the overall success and well-being of their organization. About Us:

Twin City Commercial Cleaners goes above and beyond industry standards to offer thorough and reliable commercial cleaning services. Whether you need basic cleaning maintenance or full janitorial services we have you covered. With over 30 years of experience, we are bonded, insured, and dedicated to enhancing the safety of your workplace. We proudly serve Brantford, Cambridge, Guelph, Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding areas. Reach out to us at 519-504-0061 or

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